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About Us

Strive is a sustainable nutrition company. But we’d rather think of ourselves as a family on a mission – to make things simpler, healthier, and better for the planet.

Our journey started over 40 years ago when we pioneered aseptic food processing to create high quality, delicious tasting foods using only natural ingredients without the need for preservatives. Since then, we’ve always operated on the belief that by making small changes in our daily lives we can make old problems obsolete and a brighter future possible. That simple philosophy couldn’t be more relevant today.

Climate & Animal Agriculture
Climate change is the existential challenge of our lifetime. Human activities have fundamentally increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. And the warming the planet and extreme weather conditions pose growing challenges to many aspects of life.

According to the United Nations, animal agriculture — which includes the production of meat, eggs, and milk — is responsible for 18% of all GHG emissions. In the United States alone, nearly 10 billion land animals are raised for meat, eggs, and milk annually, with many of them confined to massive factory farms.

We Need Better Protein
That said, humans need protein. Protein is the cornerstone of healthy eating and weight management. And if you’re active you often don’t get enough. Particularly for women, consuming enough protein can decrease the risk of heart attacks and coronary disease.

But our food choices have environmental consequences. We’re not going to reverse climate change with one bold move or the stroke of a pen. It’s going to be about all of us making small changes in our daily lives that add up to the big impact needed.

Protein Without Cows
Which is why we created Strive. Our founding vision was to create a sustainable nutrition company focused on protein enriched beverages that are better tasting, more nutritious and better for the planet.

Because the fact is we don’t need old school methods for making dairy protein. We don’t need beverages laced with preservatives, chemicals or anything that compromises our health, or the health of the planet. And we definitely don’t need healthy foods to taste bad and cost a fortune.

And if you don’t need it, we don’t either. Because we’re people too. Just like you. Which is why we make sure that everything we make is full of everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Denny, JT & Austen Cohlmia

“We’re a family on a mission to make
things simpler, healthier, and better
for everyone and the planet.”